Rosetta Stone

Decoding and understanding people and even yourself is one of the most confusing things on this planet.

For example, I hate having 22 passwords to remember. Furthermore, I hate having to remember that some of them require capital letters, one symbol, one lower case letter, and one number.

When I make all my passwords the same to remember them, I hear the same warning, “Then someone can break into all of your things!” Well, if they can break into my things, then can they tell me what the password is because I thought it was what I originally had but then that one expired and I couldn’t use the same password again or the last 14 passwords so I had to make up a whole new one and I forgot!


Then comes the question, “Why didn’t you make it something you would remember?’

I did… but that was 14 generations ago… now it’s just anything to get to where I need to be and be done with it.

Cracking into my own brain seems to be the absolute hardest. If someone ever cracks my code, they would really be doing me a favor because I reset my password every time I log into anything.

Trying to remember my own notes is difficult. I scribbled something down thinking, “Oh, I’ll remember what this means…”

Famous last words.

I need to start writing a novel of a note for me to remotely remember anything anymore.

Then, you have to figure out other people’s notes.

My whole company was trying to figure out what OTB meant.

Off track betting?

Off the books?

Onions, tomato, bacon?

We couldn’t figure it out! Sure, there are the common ones: L/M (left message), VM (voicemail), W/O (without), B/C (because)…


Have no idea.

Finally, we tracked down the person who wrote it and he told us it was “Outbound”.


In the whole of it though, that wasn’t really all that important. Sure, we walked around confused and scratching our heads but once it was solved, we moved on.

What I can’t decode is text that matters… but you don’t know how it’s said.

“We should make plans.”

Is that something that sounds like you want to do or is that laced with sarcasm that I’m not quite picking up on.

The punctuation helps a little:

“We should make plans!” – sounds like a yes!

“We should make plans……….” – kinda not really.

How about this one:

“I should be going to the movies”

What does that even mean? Are you going to the movies or aren’t you?

What does that ‘should’ mean in there?

It’s not like you ‘should’ be doing your chores…. unless going to the movies IS a chore…?

Is that what it means? That whole ‘should’ in there? I have no idea!

These are other human beings who think they are clearly portraying a message when they aren’t… at all. In fact, they’re just confusing the receiver of the message more than they probably should be.

There should be that underlying text in parenthesis or something!

Let’s try it out:

“We should make plans (no really, we should)”

“I should be going to the movies (but I really don’t want to)”

See how that clears everything up?

Instead of having a Rosetta Stone for spoken language, they should have one for that ‘hidden’ language. You know that body language/sarcasm language we all use on a daily basis more than the spoken one.

How does that sound?

Get on it Rosetta Stone! I have things to be decoding here!



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