Fortune, Or Foto Fridays (#19)

As part of my list, I wanted to start adding more pictures to my blog. Since I’m no longer doing Grace In Small Things, I figured now would be the time to slide in some pictures. Thus came about of Foto Fridays. I’m not sure exactly how I want to do this or what direction I want it to go in. I don’t know if I want to have the picture represent something of that day or of that week. Maybe something I just enjoyed at some point and wanted to post it. Maybe it’s a memory. Who knows. Either way, I want to start sharing more photos on here since I’m already documenting my thoughts, I might as well document some pictures along the way. This whole blog is turning into quite the compilation of just so many things. With my lists, my goals, my fears, my dreams, my thoughts… it just seems natural to want to throw in some great pictures as well.

So, my blog postings are going to shift a bit… if you haven’t noticed already. I’m going from Monday, Thursday, Saturday posts – to – Monday, Wednesday, Friday posts.

Nothing on the weekends… sorry.

But at least it’s something steady and every other day. I hope everyone likes it and enjoys the pictures that I post.

This one here is from my tea. At work, I pretty much freeze all day due to lack of insulation so, I make some hot tea or coffee to keep on hand to warm me up. I love it when the tea bags come with something great to say on it. Almost like a little fortune to ponder on while you sip away.

This one, came at a time when my world was just a mess. I mean, it still is… but, when I read it, I was definitely calmed by it and really thought hard. So, as I’m posting this, hopefully someone out there needs to hear these little wise words as well. Enjoy!

Sorry for the bad nail polish!
Sorry for the bad nail polish!

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