Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk (#23)

As part of my list, I wanted to read Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk by David Sedaris. I have read a few other books by Mr. Sedaris including, Me Talk Pretty One Day and When You Are Engulfed in FlamesBoth were really great and laugh out loud funny. I definitely want to eventually read his others as well.

This one consisted of stories about animals and their interactions with other animals. There’s a reason why we have a food chain and this is pretty much proof of why that is. If you were to put two animals together of a different species, there’s going to be some conflicts. Sedaris definitely looks at those problems and makes really great stories out of them.

It’s interesting to see the types of personalities he gives animals. For instance, there is a story involving an owl and a gerbil states that when he thought of owls, he thought ‘brainy’ but, for the owl, that was just a stereotype. No one would have thought to put a gerbil and an owl together let alone have the owl be misrepresented by all the stories we hear about the symbolism of the bird.

Overall, if you have read any of the other books by David Sedaris, I would say that you would be disappointed by this book. I was very much let down. After having read his other two, I was very excited for the release of this book. When I finally got it and read it in all of 2 days, it wasn’t like his others. It was more of an interesting sort of read than a laugh-out-loud type of read like his others were.

If he does release another book, I will most definitely read it. I’m also going to read his others as well. Barnes and Noble has a rating based on 5 stars, so if I had to rate it, I would give it about 2.5. I definitely think it could have been better but, then again, I’m not a famous writer to have my opinion count. If you are someone new to David Sedaris and his writings, I would definitely try one of his others first.

Another one down!


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