20 Seconds

20 secondsI came across this picture once and I saved it because I wanted it to be a reminder to me that sometimes, you just have to be brave. I love to live inside my comfort bubble and just stay in there where it is safe but I know I can’t stay in there forever.

When I was younger, I was always so brave. I don’t know why. But, I wasn’t afraid of as much then as I am now. I think there was something to the adrenaline or something. That big rush you got before the plunge. My heart would beat so fast! My palms sweating!

Now, my life is consumed by fear. Not because I’m a coward but because I’ve taken those leaps and not all of them turned out well. I got burned… a lot. I have more scars than I care to admit to. But I’ve learned to really look before I leap. I’ve become cautious; I’ve become enclosed.

Growth cannot happen without pushing your own boundaries. Growth is good. Growth is natural.

Growth is fucking scary.

Sometimes, growth happens whether you want it to or not and your thrust into a whole new situation and you’re pissed cause you saw it coming and were trying to avoid it for so long.

But it came.

And here it is.

Those 20 seconds that you should have used and just gotten things over with is now in front of you and you have to do it now.

Doing something bold, brave, courageous, etc. isn’t about the actual task/event, it’s about the story after it and how it changes you. It’s something you can look back to say, “I did that!”

Sometimes, it’s going to suck… really bad.

Sometimes, it’s going to rock.

20 seconds.

That’s all it apparently takes.

I think it really only takes 10 seconds but you need the other 10 to get yourself prepared for what’s about to come.

It’s one of those ‘do or die’ type moments. I’ve had a couple of those and I notice that when I’m about to do it, I hold my breath. I don’t know why. I just inhale and then go. I can’t ever do it on an exhale… maybe I should work on that.

My brother once told me that if you want to do something, make a decision and think of nothing else but that decision because when you start to think of other things or of other choices, you bring doubt into it and then you’re screwed.

So for that whole 20 seconds when you are doing whatever it is you are doing – think of nothing else. Don’t think of the outcome or consequence, just think of the present and then wait afterwards before making any decisions on whether or not it was a good idea.

Hopefully though, you’ve already put some thought into it. I’m not saying take 20 seconds to rush into a bank and rob the place. Use your head!

I will say that you will definitely learn a hell of a lot if you do decide to rob a bank… in 20 seconds your life will forever change… and not in the good way.

On the whole of it, 20 seconds is not even that much. I mean, pull out a watch and sit through 20 seconds… seems like an eternity!

But in those 20 seconds, everything has changed. Good or bad, things have changed.

So the next time you witness an opportunity presenting itself, take 20 seconds and be brave!


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