Drink Up Me Hearties! Yo ho!

Beer CollageAlcohol has been very much present in my life lately… as has chocolate.

I wouldn’t say that I’m an alcoholic and I wouldn’t say I “have a problem”, I would more likely say, “Life sucks.” But – we’ve all been there. With the weather almost, sort of, but not really, on it’s way to warming up, I enjoy sitting outside and just having a drink. If it happens to be snowing out and I’m cuddled in a blanket, drinking, I’m okay with that too. There’s a local six-pack shop that allows you to make your own 6-pack and I must say – I’ve had some good beer lately. Furthermore, I’m at a point in my life where I really need something to take the edge off. I’m trying desperately to find ways to center myself and to relax. If, for the time being, that means resorting to liquids that alter my state of mind – then so be it!

Once I get the bumps ironed out and I can drink for enjoyment instead of drowning my sorrows – I’ll be all set.

Until then, drink up me hearties, yo ho!


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