Make a Coated Grape Salad (#27)

Coated Grape CollageOn my list, I wanted to make something a little fun but definitely very easy! I came across this recipe and it seemed to be something that would be really great for summer parties or family gatherings. I usually like to try the recipe out first, on my own, before serving it to family, friends, or loved ones because knowing me – something will go wrong.

So, since spring is (somewhat) here, I decided to whip up this quick little treat.

I found the recipe online here and I absolutely love her blog so please feel free to browse around as well. She had additional ingredients but I stuck with the basics because, again, when I’m in charge of cooking – something goes wrong.

All in all, it took about 10 minutes to put together. It’s quick and very easy and I would highly recommend it for those who don’t have a lot of time (or have a lot of parties) and need something quick, tasty, and easy.

It definitely tastes good. I’m sure if I used the additional ingredients it would taste better but at least there are different variations of how you can make the same salad without it technically being the same salad!

I wouldn’t mind having a little bit of it as a small side for lunch or if you need something a little sweet.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone! Have a great and delicious spring/summer!


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