Lolita (#13)

One of the items on my list was to read Lolita. The reason for this was because it’s quite a popular book due to the controversy of the plot. Once I started reading it, it was definitely one of those stories that you don’t really support. I know that people have stated that while the main character is doing wrong, you still feel sympathy for him. Honestly, I never felt that for him. This is all just my opinion, of course, but when someone is doing something wrong – no matter how you wish to justify it – it’s still wrong. Sure you can say that he really loved her no matter what and through everything; however, she never once felt that way towards him. It’s almost as if he was just overly obsessed and kept her caged her whole life.

At any rate, I don’t want to give too much away. Overall, I’m glad I read it and can finally have my own arguments and examples as to why I think the way I do about the book. I would encourage others to read it as well. Although it is not explicit in the descriptions, I would still rate this as an adult book and not exactly for those in high school.

I will say that as I was reading the book, and as certain events took place, I was almost curious to finish it. I think there comes a certain point – in every book – that you begin to think, “Okay, so where is this going? How will this all end?” and you want to almost rush to finish it to see how things turn out.

There was a moment in the book I began to think this way. Certain things started happening and then I began to wonder just exactly where the book was going. After all the major events happened, you start to ponder about what could happen next.

The author did an excellent job in leading the reader towards the end and it is quite interesting the turn of events. I’m sure I’m being extremely vague but I also hope this encourages you to read it… or at least revisit it if you’ve already read it.

I did do some additional reading and research on the book and I know that most people do not like the idea or the fact that this book is highly publicized and popular due to the content of the book. While I do understand that argument and I don’t exactly agree with it. It’s not as if the book is encouraging readers to do the same. After reading the book, the actions of the main character aren’t justified enough for me to understand someone else doing it. That all being said, I think the book is more or less popular because it’s controversial. Because the topic is taboo, most people want to read it. I think it’s more of the curiosity of it that makes it popular. Also, I think that some who have read it would explain that you do feel sympathy for the main character and thus, others read it to find out exactly how you can feel sympathy for the ‘bad guy’ of the story. As I said, it’s interesting to read how it all ends and how the main character views someone else who is doing more or less the same he is. It’s pretty much an argument between pure and profane love.

Ultimately, I would say to everyone to just go out and read it and make up your own mind on the topic before immediately siding with or against someone else on the subject matter.

I’m glad it made it on my list and I’m definitely glad I read it and now have a better understanding of it all.

It’s almost summer and it’s time to start breaking out the summer reading lists… definitely include this one if you haven’t already! Happy reading!


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