Night at the Drive-In (#1)

Drive In CollageOn my great list of things to do, I listed that I wanted to go to the drive-in only because it has been YEARS since I’ve gone. So, with it on my list – it soon became a priority. Since the weather has warmed, the local drive-ins have been opening and offering some really great double features.

The one of choice was: Star Trek and Oblivion

Two action movies for the price of one,you got it!

Plus, Groupon makes it easy to find some really awesome summer deals!

But – back to the experience – I really enjoyed myself. I went with the boyfriend who is always great company and we had a lot of great laughs. I think we both enjoyed ourselves and had a overall great experience. We got there early too so we had a kick-ass parking spot and it was definitely a nice night for it. We had our windows down, and the sound up.

Plus, the movies were fantastic. I’m sure I’ll be heading back again sometime this summer.

The only downfall of the drive-ins is that you get home rather late (which we did) but it did allow for some awesome sleeping in the next day.

Since this is mainly more about the experience of going to the drive-in than the actual movies themselves, I’m not going to touch base on it too much – but I will say it was definitely an excellent choice.

As for going to the drive-in, I would most definitely highly recommend going. Bring some snacks, snuggle up, and have some fun!


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