Karma (5/5)


There is something lurking
around the corners of everywhere
I go.
A shadow that catches my eye causing
me to glance.
I stop and hold my breath
at every move I make
closing my eyes in fear.
I’m so scared of what is
following me,
so scared of what may happen.
I feel a breath on my neck
and shutter at the slightest
movement I hear.
I don’t know what I can do
to clear the things I have done;
to right the wrongs enough
to never worry again,
that I may pay for what has happened.
I take off running knowing
I will never win the race.
My legs will give out long before
my heart.
Yet I still have to try;
I have to do something,
anything to hide,
anything to get away
from karma.

This completes #20 of my list to write five poems.
Below are the other four:

One White Camisole


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