Make Coffee Cake (#17)

Coffee Cake CollageAs part of my list, I wanted to make coffee cake. I’ve never made it and I’ve never really had coffee cake and coffee. So, I figured that since my boyfriend has a Keurig, that we would have some awesome coffee and coffee cake.

I found the recipe here, and I have to admit, it does take a while to make. We made it the night before since it’s about 2 hours to make it and figured we would let it cool overnight and have it first thing in the morning.

Overall, the recipe is quite easy. We didn’t struggle with anything at all. Plus, the house smelled AMAZING. Seriously. AMAZING. We both were just happy at this fact alone and even commented on it the next day at how incredible it smelled so it MUST taste just as good, right?

We were right.

It tastes delicious!

Plus, it is PERFECT with coffee. It’s the best thing to wake up to really – Coffee and (Coffee) Cake. I mean, come on! It was so soft, moist, and warm. I think that the ‘warmness’ came mainly from it having cinnamon and brown sugar in it. It definitely is something to have in the winter too. Plus, with temperatures getting higher, I don’t see us making it too often… but probably again in the winter for a nice treat.

Ultimately, I would definitely recommend doing this. I know that it might seem like a lot of time to make a cake but it is definitely worth it! We were able to eat a slice each for about 3 days total. So trust me, you’ll get a lot out of it for what you put in.

I’m thinking of even hosting a tea party one day just so I can have an excuse to have some more coffee and coffee cake.

But, for now, get out there and get baking!


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