Go to an Art Exhibit (#7)

Toonseum CollageI’m making progress on my list, aren’t I? Well, I wanted to go to an Art Exhibit because I wanted to get more culture into my life. I’ve wanted to do art, play, and musical because they are creative outlets. I think they are amazing and I think every expression of creativity is important.

But, moving on. My girlfriend and I went to ToonSeum. Thanks to the help of Groupon, we were able to get two tickets and two goodie-bags which were really cool and were a nice little touch of souvenirs.

If you wanted to just walk in and go unplanned, it’s $6 to go and you really have to make the most of it. It’s two rooms and the exhibit was that of 70 years of comic strips which I really liked.

It was interesting to see how some chose to write about political issues, some about family relationships, and others about love relationships. It’s also incredible to see the different styles of drawings. Some are very intricate and others are general and rather simple.

If you’re into comics or comic books, I think it would be very interesting to go to. The gift shop was interesting and awesome as well. If you have someone out there who is a ‘comic geek’ then it’s definitely something for you!

Plus, it’s a great reason to get out in the city and to experience what it has to offer as well as get a little culture in your life and hopefully inspire you as well!

Get out and get creative!


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