The Driver’s Seat

When driving, there’s a mode that you go in to: Driving Mode.

What this means is, you’re paying attention to all of the following simultaneously:

– other cars around you

– cars riding your ass

– cars pulling up fast from behind you

– slow as drivers in front of you

– crazy drivers switching lanes

– spots where cops hide

– possibilities of moving into a different lane

– figuring out which lane you need to be in

– how fast you’re actually going

– what exit you need

– traffic up ahead

– can I actually turn on this street?

– what street do I need to turn on?

– don’t kill the pedestrians

– move it along grandma so we can make this light!

And all the while most likely holding a conversation with someone sitting next to you and/or singing along to the radio.

It’s no wonder why I’m mentally and physically exhausted after driving anywhere!

I don’t know about you,  but when I get home from a long drive the only thing I want to do is lie down. I was sitting the entire time on the trip but for whatever reason, I need to lie down when I get home. 

There’s so much work into figuring out how to shuffle my ass to where it is I want to be. There’s a lot of mentality needed especially when you’re lost. Cause now, you’re really trying to figure out where the fuck you are and how to get back to where you need to be… or at least to a place that’s familiar. I’ve been lost enough times that I actually know where I’m going when I really shouldn’t. I’ve gotten weird looks from people who say, “When were you here to know where  you’re going?” and my response is always, “I got lost around here once on my way to Walmart…”

Funny how much you learn when you make ONE WRONG TURN! Anyway, you start to pay attention to road signs a little more and start looking for major interstates and such where you know there’s going to be a general idea of where you are and where you need to go. Worst case scenario is you pull off at the first exit and ask for help. Or, if you have a phone… just whip out your GPS and you’re good to go.

How we ever lived before GPS on our phone is really a scary though. Paper road maps were in EVERYONE’S car. Remember those days?

Anyway, even with your handy-dandy GPS phone in hand, you’re in driving mode. You’re focused on where you are, where you’re going, and when you’re going to get there. It’s a focused state of mind. You’re driving for the sole purpose of a destination.

Furthermore,  you wanted to drive. You took on this challenge and all the exhaustion that comes with it to drive. To have your hands on the wheel and you have the control. If someone hits you or you hit them – it’s on you. YOU.

So if you’re driving, you better take your precautions and know where it is you’re going. Getting lost is fine… getting so lost you have no fucking clue where you’re at is a bit frustrating. You had a destination and you failed to get there.

We are the drivers of our own lives everyday. We decide, every day when we wake up, where it is we are going that day. We get up, go to the gym, go to work, go to a restaurant for dinner, what are we eating tonight? We have the control. We have the wheel and steer ourselves on healthy roads, on unhealthy roads, on happy drives, on sad drives. We decide if we want to be a happy driver that day or a sad driver that day. Some days, we’re angry and have a hella lot of road rage. But ultimately, we decide that. We take the wheel, into our hands, and we guide away. We shift, we push the pedal, and we rotate to the right and to the left, through the curves, bridges, and detours of life. We are in our driving mode.

There’s only one purpose of driving… to arrive at your destination. So arrive at this destination and every destination to come.


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