Pieces of You

My boyfriend and I sometimes have different schedules. Sometimes, I leave before him and sometimes he leaves before me.

We’ve been living together for a week now and I’ve already noticed his presence.

I went to go and make the bed and, on his side, were not one… not two…but three bottles of water. I smiled because this was a piece of him. This was a piece of who he was and the habits he has.

I smiled.

I didn’t even move or throw away the bottles.

I made my way out to the kitchen. In the sink was his favorite batman mug. I knew he had coffee. Another piece of his presence. We leave little bits and pieces of us all around. When I wake up and he’s gone, I still see the wrinkled sheets on his side of his bed. Lingering evidence of his deep sleep beside me.

I walk around the apartment and it already feels empty.

When I wake up earlier than him, I’ll get ready and let him sleep. I still like having him here even though he might not be awake right now. Just knowing he’s in the other room, peacefully sleeping away makes me feel better.

Peaking in on him to ensure I didn’t wake him, he appears so serene and relaxed. He actually looks good sleeping. I look like collapsed maniac but not him. He looks so idyllic and perfect, I can’t help but smile.

I have only spent this short period of time living with him and already I’m surrounded by him and who he is… and I love it.

He’s the perfect calm to all my storms. Seeing little pieces of him around the place remind me that he’s here… with me. He’s here in my life; we are making a life together.

I’ve lived in enough places to know that when you start to pack up or when a roommate leaves, the room seems a bit empty. Not only because things are missing from the room but because the presence of someone else is missing too.

There’s that whole adjustment period after someone leaves of re-programming yourself to live without them.

But now, I’m re-programming myself to live with someone again. I’m sharing things like the bathroom, the bed, the couch. I have to get used to this other presence. Soon enough, these little pieces will grow on me and some of my pieces on him.

We will start building our lives around these little pieces. We’ll be creating pieces together. Pictures and experiences we create will be a presence of its own.

These little pieces of us that we discover of someone else or leave behind for someone else is proof that we existed; that we lived. And that seems like a pretty awesome thing.


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