30 Things You Should Know Before 30

So, I found an article on MSN and it was titled the same as my title – 30 Things You Should Know Before 30.

Instead of just putting a link in here and telling you to go read it, I’ll list it here. I mean, you’re already here anyway, right?

Okay, so, I have to say, I have some things to work on on the list but I’m okay with that. I still have the next 4 years of my life to get my shit together. But, just for funzies, how about we give it a look anyway?

1. How to Change a Flat Tire

2. How to Parallel Park

3.  Whether or not you want kids – and why.

4. How to set up computer, video, and audio equipment.

5. Where you want to be by 40.

6. Which things you learned about yourself as a kid that are true.

7. How to Throw a Surprise Party that ‘s really a surprise.

8. Why you don’t regret leaving your 20’s.

9. How to pack a 2-week trip in One carry-on bag.

10. How to care for your hair, skin, nails, and body – and why it’s important.

11. Know those who build you up and you tear you down.

12. How to pull yourself together in 30 minutes or less.

13. How to do basic home repairs.

14. How to negotiate a good deal

15. How to end a relationship and still be good friends

16. How to live alone and thrive

17. How to keep a plant alive and thrive for over one year

18. How to successfully live with someone else

19. How to tell the difference between the fads from the classics

20. How to dance a slow dance without feeling like a fool

21. How to cook a signature meal

22. Howto do your own taxes

23. How to clean your home in 45 mins. or less

24. Howto ask for a raise or promotion

25. How to buy and sell stocks

26. What looks good on you

27. How to build a fire

28. How to jump start a car

29. How to order good wine in a restaurant

30. When to keep trying and when to walk away


I hope those who are in their 30’s know some of these and for those (like me) who are in their 20’s and don’t know half of these things (like me), then you better get to it!

…So I’m going to get to it. Pray for me when I attempt to do my own taxes.


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