The other day, John and I were on our way to Giant Eagle. At the entrance, there was a woman waiting to pull out of the parking lot.

To let her know we were coming in and thus, she can hurry up to sneak out – we put our turn signal on.

We continued to drive, turn signal on, and she still wasn’t moving.

Finally, we approached the entrance and as we passed her, she gave us one of the dirtiest looks I’ve seen in a long time. We were completely confused.

So, we park, and get out of the car, and find out that the turn signal light was broken.


Now we know why she never pulled out; she didn’t know we were signaling her.

For me, by time we entered Giant Eagle, my mind already forgot about it. I was too concerned about what we had to buy that it just left my head as quickly as a math equation.

For John, it was a different story. He really held on to this. He was affected way more than I was or thought anyone else could be.

He had a papercut.

Papercuts suck. We all know this. They’re so tiny, but one drop of hand sanitizer and you are well aware of that little fucker. So tiny yet really painful.

This was what happened to John.

He received a dirty look from an old woman and just couldn’t let go. It hurt him. He had no idea his turn signal was broken and felt he was blamed for something he didn’t (technically) do.

Even days later, he was still heated over it.

This little papercut in his life, was really burning. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much I could do. I tried to band-aid it by saying that it was done and over and he’s a good person, but he wasn’t having it.

He wanted to deal with this papercut his own way. So, I had to let him.  I had to let him heal it on his own terms; the natural way.

Eventually, about a week later, he stopped talking about it. I don’t know if it was healed or just scabbed over. But I’m sure he was still hurting a bit on the inside.

No matter how small something is – if it cuts you, even just a little – if you’re hurt, then it’s a papercut.

Some cuts are bigger. Sometimes, they are cracks or sometimes they completely break. I know I’ve had my heart broken many times before. I’ve also had my fair share of papercuts as well.

We all heal and we all move on, but for that brief moment, something very tiny impacted enough to cause us pain.


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