The Finish Line

There are some cases when I can actually cross a finish line in my life. For example, if my goal in running is to reach 5 miles, then obviously, when I reach that 5th mile, I’ve crossed a finish line. Then, a new finish line can be created to push myself further.

The other cases, I don’t even know if there’s a finish line at all.

I feel like I keep running; I keep trying, but reach nothing.

I just go on… and on… and on…

I look around for mile markers or anything to indicate that I’ve made progress at least, and I can’t even find that!

My fear is that I’m going around in circles. It’s like at some point, I made a wrong turn and it just put me on this continuous loop of nothingness. I’m just running around – not even NEAR the finish line.

So the question that I have is: when do you give up?

Do you keep pushing forward even though your blinding running on a path.

Keep in mind, there are no others in this path. Just you.

You can’t even stop for directions. You have to do ‘what feels right’. In the beginning, this all seemed very easy. You had your compass pointed in the right direction and you were off. It’s just somewhere along the way, you lost your direction and you’re sort of just running now.

I keep trying though. Like a fool. I keep running on in the hopes that I’m getting closer in the race to the finish line. If only I knew the grand scheme, then it might be easier. I need one of those bird’s eye view type of deals. So I can float up and see just where I am and where it is I need to go.

Hell, I wish I even had a map. Or street signs. Anything really at this point. But, alas I do not.

So I continue on, running and running. I’ll take a break here or there and rest. But I’m always up running. Hoping to reach my finish line.



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