A Single Gray Hair

I’ve noticed something a while back – I have a single gray hair. Just one. It’s right in front too! Right in the bang area.

This tells me either one of two things:

1 – It’s about that time to color my hair again

2 – Holy Shit! I’m getting old!

I’m sure some of you are rooting for the former rather than the latter but still, it makes me wonder.

I’m apparently the only one who notices it too. John claims he can’t see the glimmer of my single, rather glossy, gray strand. It’s there. Trust me.

This for me kind of really stumped me. I never really thought of myself as getting gray hair. I mean, I’m sure it was going to happen eventually but I never really thought about it until now.

So with this early onset of gray hair, I’m wondering if maybe I’m worrying too much. I have a lot on my mind, you know. I mean, clearly, I put half of it all in here. But they say that worry and stress shows on the body. Let me tell you – I’m well aware of this.

I think with all the worrying I’ve done in my life, I’ve lost about 25 years of my predicted life expectancy rate.

I’m almost positive.

I don’t know what I would do if I ever stopped worrying. There was a brief and fleeting moment when I felt it once. It was really fantastic. It lasted about a millisecond and I was back to reality.

It was definitely really great though.

Another idea is that yes, I’m getting old. I’m almost 30, you know. That’s…. the oldest I’ve ever been. It just keeps getting worse too. But I do have to face some facts that I’m getting older. Which, I don’t really understand why people are waiting longer to do things.

For example, people are waiting until their 40’s to have children. Now, I understand that children are a huge responsibility and are definitely something worth thinking about. But, at the same rate, you’re going to be almost 60 when that child graduates.


Well, here’s the thing: you might not be at your best to be a great parent. I mean, you’re getting old. That child is going to go to college and you have to help move them and pack and ensure they have everything they need. Meanwhile, you’re almost to retirement.

Some people are great in their 60’s. From what I’ve seen though, most really aren’t. So, is that what you really want for your child?

Again, I’m bringing it all back around to getting old and why people are waiting so long.

And now, apparently, as my little gray strand is indicating – I’m getting old too! The grays are starting!

I don’t really have my shit together, either. Trust me, I’m working hard on it. But let me tell you, finding a place to work for the rest of your life is damn near impossible.

I want to really have a career and get my shit together so I can work on other things like marriage and children. I can’t exactly do that while I’m with a temp agency looking for work and risking unemployment so often.

And so, the final question lingering on everyone’s mind is: What are you going to do?

Well, I’ll tell you this much, I don’t know a lot about the future, and I don’t know where my life is going to take me. But what I can do, for right now, to make things different in my life is get some Nice N’ Easy and take care of this little gray fucker on my head.

The only dilemma I should have now is if I want Chestnut Brown or Golden Brown.


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