31 Days of No Junk Food (#14)

Number fourteen on my list is to go 31 days with no junk food.

What did I define as junk food? Chips, cookies, candies, candy bars, cake, pies, etc. Everything that we know is a junk food, pretty much.

This, for me was kind of difficult and kind of not.

I don’t eat a lot of sweets/junk food on a daily basis. So, in a sense, it was easy in that manner. But at the same rate, when I was craving something, I couldn’t let myself have it. Which, was kind of hard because if I wanted it, I usually had it… in moderation. Forcing myself to not have it at all was more difficult than just giving in to it for a little while.

I normally don’t over indulge anyway, like I said, so, I don’t know. It’s been quite an experience.

The big question is then, did I feel different? Did I lose weight?

For me, the answer was no.

I didn’t lose 10 pounds or anything like that at all. I’m not saying there’s no reason to stop eating junk food again, I’m just saying that I saw no significant difference in 4 weeks. Maybe it takes longer. Possibly 6 weeks? I’m not sure.

Being conscious of what you are eating comes down to moderation and moderation alone. Yes you can have your chocolate, but just have a piece of it and not the entire candy bar. Have your cake but not a size that can feed all of Texas but rather something that’s smaller to fit in your hand.

Am I excited to have my junk food again? HELL YA! This wasn’t like going vegetarian here. I like my chocolate; I like my chewy candies.

Would I suggest people do it? Yes, but maybe not for 31 days. Maybe just one day a week have your chocolates and  your candies and the next 6 days off. Something like that. That way, you aren’t completely depriving yourself but again, not over-indulging.

As always, only you know what’s best for you.

It was a great memory, a great experience and another one off my list!


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