My Inner Circle

There are a group of people who are within my ‘inner circle’. You can call it my ‘circle of trust’, my ‘bubble’, you can call it my Top 10, or whatever you’d like.

It’s the people in my life that I hold so dear and close to me. These people had to work their way into the bubble/circle. I am really hard on letting people in. I have to size ’em up pretty good for a few weeks and see how things go before letting them in.

I’ve had to do this because too many people in my life have come and gone, or too many have hurt me, or too many weren’t there for me when I needed them most.

Once you have passed all the tests and evaluations, you are in.

You are in, I would say, almost permanently. I mean, it would have to really take something large for me to kick you outta the circle here.

But these people who are in my circle don’t really understand just how protective I am of them.

I seriously get defensive when someone brings harm to one of my people. I have no problem shutting people out of my life if they have harmed someone in my circle. To those in the circle, they make their own decisions. If they choose to forgive this person, that’s all fine and dandy for them; however, I have not. I will always remember how you hurt my friend, or my person, and I will forever hold it against him/her.

Yes, it’s THAT serious.

That being said, I’m seriously getting upset about the shit that is going on with some of these people. I almost feel betrayed. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to do some cleaning and I’m not too happy about it; I’m hurt.

I’ve come to certain conclusions that I feel it’s time to let go of those who have been so dear to me before. My heart will be hurt and broken, but I feel it’s something that I need to do.

I’m trying to focus on the positive and move forward with my life. I’m going to try to work on letting others in my life… in to my circle.

I will never stop caring about them and they will always hold that special place in my life. But I can’t keep doing what I’m doing. I can’t keep caring about people who don’t care about me – it’s that simple.

So in close, I will have a few vacancies in my life but hopefully, I will meet many new wonderful people to be a part of my life.


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