Shut Out

No, this isn’t in reference to scores and completely annihilating another team. This is about closing doors and shutting people out. But! It’s not when you do it to them – it’s about when they do it TO YOU.

Yes, someone has shut the door on you and is no longer allowing you in his/her life. There’s a reason why the door is shut on you. You might claim you have ‘no idea’ why they would do this. But somewhere, there’s a reason.

Sadly, this also isn’t one of those, ‘When a door shuts, a window opens,’ sort of things. Nope. All doors and windows are closed here.

Someone who was once your friend now decides you aren’t important enough for you to be a part of his/her life.

So, you might be asking, ‘Well, how do I know this? How do I know the door has been shut on me?’ No worries, I am here for you!

If you:

-Only find out information about them through Facebook. If someone who is ‘your friend’ doesn’t text you personally on important things but rather posts them on Facebook to ‘communicate’ with you. The door has been shut. (No, this isn’t referring to a private message. You find out in the actual News Feed.)

-Find out through word of mouth… days/months later. If this ‘friend’ instead tells someone else… who tells you… after time has passed. Yup. The door has been shut! And most likely locked.

-Stumble upon it while reading someone else’s Facebook page. If you’re checking out a friend’s page and see that the friend in reference posted this information on someone else’s Facebook but not yours… the door has been shut. We all know that the News Feed rapidly updates, so you might have missed it there. But if you come across it after a little bit of surfing. Yup. Door shut!

If you’re reading this and fall into one of those categories… I’m sorry. I don’t really know if the door can be opened again, I’m not sure. Usually when the door is shut on me, I just move on. I don’t really stand there banging on the door asking for the person to come out and ‘talk about things.’

There’s no point in dragging things out. If you haven’t learned this by high school, you’re never going to learn it.

When all is said and done, you just have to walk away. Make your way back home, and then shut the door on them.


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