The Trust is Gone

trustEveryone has lost trust in other people. Except me. I still believe people are good at heart. Someone once told me, “You don’t know who that person is. They might be a murder. Are you going to trust them then?”

Powerful words, right?

I understand that people might not know what they’re doing. It’s a big world with a lot in it. But there are some instances you might want to follow directions.

Picture this; a gentleman goes to the mechanics to have an oil change. The gentleman parks his car and leaves. While moving the vehicle to have the oil changed, the mechanic notices that the breaks are in severe need of replacement.

When the gentleman returns for his car, the mechanic relays this information. He stresses that he needs them done and it’s incredibly important. Since he’s here already, the mechanic states he’ll do the replacement as well.

The gentleman declines stating he’ll get to them later, and besides, how well can you trust a mechanic? They’re out for your money anyway.

The gentleman gets in the car, begins to drive, and about 5 miles down the road, the breaks give out and the gentleman crashes, severely injuring himself and another driver.

Whose fault is it?

Is it the driver’s fault for ignoring advice, or is it the mechanic’s for allowing him to leave with such damaged breaks?

Personally, I would blame the driver. He was forewarned and chose to ignore the warnings, because he didn’t really trust the mechanic on what he was doing. Apparently, this gentleman knew more about cars than the mechanic who went for training on cars.

I understand that mechanics do have a shady reputation. One bad apple ruins the bunch. But, you have to realize these people are in the business of the service. Not every mechanic is out to get you. Sometimes, they might just be giving you solid, true advice.

Everyone goes to the doctor, gets a diagnosis, and then seeks out another doctor for a second opinion. We can’t even trust our doctors anymore. We’re looking for answers that we want. When we hear something we don’t want, we straight-up ignore it. Why? Well, you can’t trust doctors. With all that schooling and medical degrees on the wall, they are completely unreliable. Charlatans I tell you! They’re liars out for your money!


When does it end?

When do we actually trust the person we are relying on? When do we help someone who is screaming in pain on the ground, but we ignore them because they might attack us?

I’m beginning to realize that it never ends. People will walk away from you, because they don’t know you. You might be a killer and attack them. You know you’re not a killer. But, because they don’t, they won’t trust you. You are just as untrustworthy as I am.

I’m not telling you to put your faith into everyone you come across. But, if someone is a professional in their field, how about giving them some slack. Trust that this person might actually know what he/she is doing. You went to this person in the first place, so obviously you trusted him/her enough to go. Take the leap and trust someone every once in a while. Sure, you might be let down. But, that’s a part of life. No one is immune to it.

But, don’t be blind about it. Look before you leap.


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