Do I Not Have a Focus?

focus, out of focus, blurred, blurI’ve been wanting to really get my blog out there for others to view as well. I want to be able to touch people with my words and inspire them as well as communicate with other writers and bloggers out there.

So I’ve been doing research on just that. How to Get Your Blog Noticed.

Or something of that nature.

From what I’ve been reading, most encourage to focus on one niche. I’ve seen many blogs that focus on DIY crafts, love, fitness, etc.

But my blog has the slogan of “Pieces of Life that Don’t Always Fit.”

I write about the ‘pieces’ of my life. And let me tell you, not all of them are in the same niche. I write about things that I don’t even know how to categorize! My category names have sort of become a catch-all for my writing. Why do you think I have category labeled, “Proof I am Crazy”?

That’s sort of where all of my writings tend to fall… this one included.

As I was thinking about all of this, I was trying to find a niche or at least a title that I could give my blog. I wouldn’t say ‘Self-Help’ because if anything… I’M the one that needs help.

I could just label it ‘Life Experiences’ but that, for me, is too vague. Furthermore, what are the odds of someone getting on the internet to search SOMEONE ELSE’S life experience?

I could sort of do a ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’ type of thing with my blog. A how-to in reverse, they call it. My blog would be ‘How NOT to Live a Life’… or something along that; it’s still a work in progress.

I don’t want to leave my blog as ‘uncategorized’ because that, for me, is the place where things go to die.

When I would move, I would have a box of ‘miscellaneous’ things. This box would have to be opened and checked every single time because I didn’t really know the definition of miscellaneous when it came to my things. All of it seemed sort of random stuff.

I don’t even know where half of those boxes are now.

So, no… no ‘uncategorized’.

I guess then… I would be open for a title. How do you gather everything I’ve typed here and combine it into something that can signal to readers ‘This is important! Come and read!’?

Maybe I’ll create my own category of writings!

It will be something that everyone can type about and it would fit in instantly!!

Want to know what I’m thinking?

I’m thinking something like: In the Life Of

This way, there will be room for everyone. I’ll have mine something such as ‘In the Life of a Crazy Polish Girl Trying to Find Her Way’

That seems rather fitting now that I look back on it.

So for everyone out there who feels like they don’t know what to call their writing, or are even looking for a way to start writing. Keep in mind the phrase ‘In the Life Of…’ and go from there!

And I hope everyone checks back to see what happens in the life of me.


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