Six Word Short Story

Ernest Hemingway, short story, writing, for sale baby shoes never wornI recently discovered a nice little article about the Six Word Short Story.

While it’s highly debated as to how this story went, I will share with you the most popular version.

Ernest Hemingway was at a coffee shop with his friends. They were discussing writing the shortest short story. Each of them threw in $10 and Hemingway came out with the six word short story.

For sale: Baby shoes, Never Worn

And he grabbed his earnings from the table.

Now, I’m sure you can see that these six words really can say volumes and the story is quite sad.

But that got me thinking.

What kind of short story would I write with six words? I have to admit, it’s quite difficult. The challenge is to try to have this amazing impact, but keeping it quite simple. The reason I stumbled upon this article was due to an eTextbook I was reading to study up on the material I had once learned but forgotten.

It was talking about how simplicity is key. You can be verbose and try to explain absolutely everything. But if, in the end, no one knows what you’re talking about – what’s the point?

The article pushes to remember that simplicity can be quite informative.

So, as I just let my mind wander on it, here were a few that I wrote down:

‘He shattered her life beyond repair’

‘My inner thoughts never see daylight’

‘I still choke on the pain’

‘Closed for love, open for pain’

I have to admit that I really did enjoy it even though it was a bit difficult.

With those lines, it seems so intriguing, right? Like I seriously want to know more about what happens from some of those lines.

With the ‘I still choke on the pain’, I was so interested on where that came from inside me. What exactly did I have in mind when I said that? A lot of stories can begin and end with that phrase.

I love it!

So, if you’re up for a challenge. Write your own six word short story! It can work as a Tweet or Facebook status! It’ll be quite interesting to see what you can create. You might even surprise yourself.

‘Have a good day, my readers!’


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