Crisis of Faith Pt. 2

It was around Christmas, I went to visit my mom to help her make cookies.

We eventually landed on the bible.

Now, the way I saw the bible was/is different from how she sees it.

I see it as ‘more like guidelines’ (as is the Pirate Code), and she saw it as a little bit stronger than that.

I think/thought the book basically talked about the life of Jesus, and how you should do good so you don’t go to hell.

She saw it as something you should really stick to. She believes everything in the book happened; Jesus was crucified and rose from the dead for our sins. Through Him we can achieve anything and everything.

I almost jokingly asked her, “Do you think gays should get married?”

When I asked her this a few years before, she always said she wasn’t sure, or she didn’t know for sure. She didn’t really know what she believed.

However, this time, I was met with a confident, solid ‘no’.

I think the world stood still for me right then and there.

I would first like to say that I love my mother very much. She is an amazing, thoughtful, caring, and incredible person. She raised me to be different from the rest. She wanted me to have fun, challenge things, question things, try something new… try anything!

She was there for me when I was bullied in school, she was there for me through all my break-ups, she was there to be with me on any of our crazy adventures.

She’s my mom and I love her.

This is why my entire world was shocked when she said this. She has always been so open-minded about things. She was always about seeing things differently. She was always, always about learning new things. I never once saw her so set on something. She just took it in, understood it, and let it be. She might not have agreed with it, but she was still open-minded enough to talk about it.

Now, I have entered a complete, full-blown, crisis of faith.



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