Choose Wisely

I’ve often been told to “not choose my words.”

I’m always confused by this request. I mean, I’m an English major and writer. Words are kind of my thing.

I think that I would rather choose the right words than back peddling to try to re-explain “what I really meant.”

I want to explain what I’m feeling in a way that expresses without offending. Have you ever said, “I just hate her.” Then, later, you find out you really kind of like her. Instead of just saying, “Yeah, I’m wrong, I’ve changed my mind” we hate to admit we were wrong at something, and either deny or dismiss the statement.

So, instead, you just might say, “She’s a bit hard to warm up to.” This way, if things work out, you can say that you’ve made the effort to warm up to her and things worked out. Add… you actually don’t sound so judgmental… and hate is a really strong word.

I like to choose my words, because they’re important to me. It’s just better to explain myself.

I do understand there are situations where you just have to be blunt. Some people aren’t exactly good at deciphering meanings of metaphors. But, I’ve been in those positions. I’ve said the blunt, harsh words and it’s never worked out for the better. In fact, it usually turns out for the worst.

It’s often said that once those words are said, they can never be un-said.

What words would you choose?

How would you decide what to say in any given moment?

You can choose to speak, or choose to remain silent.

If you speak, you have to realize that what you say can change everything.

In addition, what you say can also appear as if you’re putting words in to someone else’s mouth.

See how important words are?

They are the way we communicate everything in our lives. We describe our happiness, sadness, anger, confusion, and humor through words.

While others may not feel the need to choose the right words, I do. I want to truly express what it is I’m feeling.

Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s hard when you’re on the spot and you’re flooded with emotions. But, just by practicing on a regular basis of trying to say something new and different, you can change your own world.

Okay, I’ve gone on quite long about the beauty and amazement of words.

Just think about the next time you’re in a conversation with someone, and the words you are going to say. Choose wisely. Understand that what you say is actually important to them.


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