New Lists: 14 in 2014

14.2014So, John is really excited and interested in the fact that I do my birthday lists. He had the idea to start a list of things that we can do as a couple.

Since I do my birthday list which is growing quite lengthy, we decided to 14 in 2014. These are things for us to do as a couple, and to find a way to spend a little time together doing something new.

I’m releasing the final list of what we have decided to do as a couple:

14 in 2014

1. Ducky Tour

2. Dancing lessons

3. Trip to the Aviary

4. Visit the Zoo

5. Visit the Museum of Art or History

6. Go to a Comedy Club

7. Eat at a fancy restaurant

8. Volunteer together

9. Make French Toast

10. Have a weekend getaway

11. Participate in an apartment function

12. Make mac and cheese from scratch

13. Do a beer tour

14. Host a night at the apartment

I think we have a few good things on the list, and I hope that this will be fun for the both of us. This is the first list for him, and I hope he really enjoys it.

So here’s to us, and our new year of things to do!


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