28 Before 28

Here it is!

The BIG REVEAL for this year! There was a lot of thought put in to this; I wanted this year to mean something to me. Since I haven’t been able to complete the last two lists, I’m hoping that I got it right this time and will be able to conquer it all.

Without further adieu, here is the list:

28 Before 2828b28

1. Make a Gourmet Cupcake
2. Watch: Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang
3. Make a Leprechaun parfait
4. Buy flowers for my mom
5. Go to the batting cages
6. Read: One for the Money
7. Watch: The Green Mile
8. Color my hair
9. Learn how to change a flat tire
10. Make a wind chime
11. Read: Infinite Jest
12. Hand out Valentines on Valentines Day
13. Buy: Pittsburgh shirt
14. Make: Puzzle Picture
15. Read: Second book of 50 Shades of Grey
16. Get a pedicure
17. Work on my Spanish
18. Have my Palm Read/Tarot Cards read
19. Read: Preacher Gone to Texas
20. Do a train trip
21. Get my ear pierced
22. Read: Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls
23. Meth Coffee — AGAIN DAMNIT
24. Make a picture frame tray
25. Get a tattoo
26. Do an Act of Random Kindness
27. See a 3D movie
28. Read: The Collector

Alright, that’s it! The big challenge that I will try to conquer throughout this year. I’ll explain why each item was chosen when it has been completed!

I hope you guys stick around long enough to see these things through. I’ll have my regular blog posts in between. Since there is no longer a Foto Friday, a regular post will be the replacement. I’ll try to make them shorter ones though to break up the rhythm of my longer ones.

Let’s get this birthday year started!


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