An Open Letter to a Friend

Dear Friend:

I don’t even know where to begin. Everything was going fine until it wasn’t. One day becomes two, and then it’s a week, and then a month. But once the distance starts, it only grows further between us. And before we know it, we’ve been so far from each other that I don’t even know how to begin to make the trek back to each other. These first few steps are always the hardest to take. But, while I’m waiting to make those first steps, we’re slowly still drifting further apart. As I swirl my toes in the dirt, dancing, and swaying back and forth, I keep looking towards the long distance I will have to travel and wonder if it’s even worth it. The fear that I have is that our friendship is over; that we have just grown too far apart to even come back to being best friends again. Our lives have taken different paths and now, I see we were never putting our friendship as a priority, but rather as an option to maintain.

I couldn’t even tell you why. I think – at least to me- the situations I was going though were something you could never understand. Furthermore, I felt as if I no longer was important to you. I felt as if you no longer cared for me or our friendship BECAUSE we were taking different paths in our lives.

I’ve been in situations where I had to choose to stay and fight for what I care about, or walk away and let things be. I’m at that cross roads now and I’m not sure which turn I want to make. I hope, for the sake of my heart and my mind, I make the right decision of what’s best for me.



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