Hand Out Valentine’s (#12)

Valentine's Day CollageThe first item completed on the new list was to hand out Valentine’s!

I was really excited about this because when was the last time we handed out Valentine’s? Or even received them?

So, I went out and bought some Star Wars Valentine’s from Walmart. I sat and wrote them out for our whole 5th floor, and for the apartment staff.

It was totally fun, because we did it late at night… like little elves… the day before Valentine’s Day.

Some of them had difficulty sticking, so we got some tape (instead of the Star Wars stickers provided) to help them stay on the doors.

We weren’t really sure how people were going to react. We didn’t know if they would hate the fact that we put something on their door, or if they’d be happy that someone did something… we were just really anxious.

The following day, we were greeted with thank you’s on our door! 🙂

We were totally happy, and excited that they responded positively to the gesture.

I really liked doing this, and I’m really happy that we had fun, and others enjoyed it as well.

I know that Valentine’s Day is over, but for next year — think of doing just something small for strangers. They might not have a Valentine for the day, and the fact you took time to write them something… will definitely make their day.

Happy Valentine’s Day


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