A Quick Side Note

asideSometimes, there are things that I want to talk about, but there really isn’t much there to say. I don’t want to just use fluff to fill up the screen when my topic goes dead.

So, I was clicking around the internet, and saw that some people were posting ‘Asides’.

Just, quick little somethings that they are sharing with you personally – aside – from what’s really going on.

Usually, an aside is a part in a movie or TV show where the person is involved in a conversation/situation and turns to either a friend or the camera and gives a little statement about what they are thinking or what’s going on.

I’m probably going to use it more like Facebook Statuses, because this is my blog and it really contains more of my thoughts than something worth ‘liking’ and then forgetting.

Some people might use them as: Just So You Know…

Which is kind of cool too.

Either way, these are just random little thoughts that I have – little Jess moments – if you will. I want to do this because it’s lighter. I know that I ramble on sometimes up to 1,000+ words, and sometimes – you just aren’t in the mood for reading that much.

So, instead, I wanted to maybe start posting my little ‘asides’ or just thoughts/ideas or whatever it is I seem to have. A little something to ponder, I guess.

Okay – While I was watching TV, I came upon the QVC channel. For those of you who don’t know what this is, it’s basically a shopping channel. They sell pretty much anything and everything.

Well, they usually put the price on the left side, and because it’s high, they usually give one of those “With 4 easy payments of…..” And they’ll find a way to finance it to you.

Well, here’s what  I saw on the show, and it was something that sort of made me look around, and go……………………?

It was a Maxidress. It came in three colors: blue, coral, and black, I think.

The price: $24.86

4 Easy Payments of: $6.22

Now, I don’t know about you, but if you can’t afford to pay up-front for a $25 dress…. maybe you just shouldn’t buy the dress. Or maybe it’s just me… I don’t know.

But, that was something I came across that I feel is worth sharing to the world, because….well, it kind of makes you wonder about people sometimes.

Happy Friday!


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