Preacher: Gone to Texas (#19)

The first graphic novel I’ve decided to read is: Preacher: Gone to Texas.

I was first introduced to this while in college. It was part of my senior seminar. I was only required to read volume one, and it really stuck with me. For starters, I’ve never read a graphic novel, and second, it was a very interesting topic.

There are 66 volumes, along with a few ‘specials’ regarding the characters mentioned in the story.

It was really fun to read. I was surprised actually. I’m not really used to looking at pictures, and having a story told in that manner. I would definitely recommend a graphic novel to those who haven’t read any.

As far as Preacher goes, it has adult themes, so it’s something you shouldn’t really have around in reachable places if you have kids. Also, the topic is about a man (who is a preacher) and the mission he goes on to face God and challenge him. I wouldn’t say that it is religious, it just deals with religion… if that makes sense.

I found it in eBook format, and thus, was able to get all 66 volumes. If this sounds like something you are (or might) be interested in, I would encourage starting out with just the first volume or two to see if it’s something that might be up  your alley. If not, definitely try another venue.

I’ve been trying lately to really expand the topics that I have been reading, and this was definitely a really amazing choice. The ending, for me, was sort of a let down. I would have thought the story would have taken a different route, but I’m sure they had a reason for ending it the way they did.

Overall, I had a great time reading this book, and I found it to be very enjoyable. There was definitely a few days that I couldn’t stop reading it, I was hooked.

Mission accomplished.

So get out there and get reading!


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