Get My Ear Pierced (#21)

earI put this on the list, because I had a conversation with someone a little while ago:

Girl: I feel boring.

Me: What?

Girl: Like, you know… un-sexy………….. maybe I should cut my bangs.

And this got me thinking. I know that we might feel like we’re in the same rut time in and time out. Sometimes, the littlest things can make you feel like a brand new person. Maybe you got your hair cut (or bangs), maybe you got it highlighted or colored.

Just little simple things like that to give you a new little flair in life.

Well, I thought that getting my ear pierced would be one easy way of doing this. I mean, it’s simple enough, right? I already have short hair so it’s not like I can run and cut it all off for something drastic.

Fair enough. Simple. Easy. I wanted my tragus and rook pierced.

So, I start looking for a place to get it done. The only places that I found (or tattoo/body piercing places) were in the South Side.

I am never in the South Side. I’m not even CLOSE to ever being in the South Side.

Oh well, maybe some other time I thought.

Well – just as luck would have it, I got an interview for a job…. in the South Side.

Sure as shit, who knew!

It was a sort of mix between luck and Carpe Diem, but I decided to make it happen.

For those of you who have never been in a tattoo/body shop, these people are the nicest people I have ever met in my life. And it’s not just in the one shop, I’ve been to a few places to gather my collection of tattoos. Everyone there is incredibly nice, and friendly. They are extremely accommodating, informative, and transparent (in the sense that they explain everything to you; they aren’t hiding anything).

They are just so friendly! I love going to them!

The woman who did mine was so fun and nice, I totally wanted to be her friend.

So, we go in the room and she sets everything up, and we’re talking the entire time about what jewelry is going to go in my ear, and if I want a certain color, etc.

I got two done together, and I’m not really sure why. I mean, I WANTED two, but instead of going in for one, and then coming back for the other, I just was like, “To hell with it!” And went for both.

Now – I have 5 tattoos on my body… in various places. Therefore, I have experienced a fair share amount of pain in my day. Plus, it’s in my ear, I mean, how much could this really hurt?

Let me tell you…


Hold on, before you go and get scared, it was more ‘shockingly’ painful, I guess? I wasn’t expecting it to hurt that much, and BOOM! There was pain!

I didn’t cry or anything, hell, I didn’t even flinch, just took a deep breath and took it like a shot of whiskey, basically.

The thing with piercings is that it’s one big push, and then it’s done and over. With tattoos, there’s outlining, shading, coloring, etc. You’re in an extended amount of pain with those.

I will say this though, getting these piercings hurt more than getting a shot from the doctor. Different location, I guess.

But, overall, I’m totally excited about it and I feel like a little bad ass… like the little devil in me is showing.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know it’s easy stuff for some of you out there, and you’re thinking, “An ear pierce? Seriously… not really bad ass…”

But for me, it is. It’s given me a little something more interesting about myself. Plus, it’s an easy way to show off a little personality.


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