See a 3D Movie (#27)

300.3dI have never seen a 3-D movie.

I always thought it would be interesting and cool. I mean, technology has really advanced.

My wonderful and fantastic fiancee, took me out on a date to see 300: Rise of an Empire in 3-D.

He’s so wonderful, isn’t he?

So, we got our tickets online (for fear of them being sold out), and we headed out for a movie and dessert.

I have to say, it was definitely interesting to see this movie in 3-D, and I feel it was a perfect choice. The way the cinematography is for the movie is interesting enough, but to see it in 3-D is really freaking awesome.

I don’t know if anyone else has seen a 3-D movie, but it’s like… not really 3-D… if that makes sense. It was 3-D in a way, but… not really. If that makes sense?

I definitely think that movies are completely awesome in 3-D, it feels more real; more like a real story. I will definitely do it again, but only with a movie similar to 300. I wouldn’t do it for a rom-com.

I think what made it even better was that it was a wonderful date with my fiancee – which we haven’t been able to have in a long time.

I am so happy I put this on my list. The movie was truly a great experience!


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