Decency Should Not Be A Death Sentence

grumpy.jessI was driving to my doctor’s office the other day. It was nice out – for a change – the weather was unusually warm. People had t-shirts on, windows open, car windows down, and sitting on benches.

I came to a red-light, and as I was waiting, I looked over to a few houses that lined the sidewalk. There, I saw two girls, about the age of 14, wearing a tube top with their stomachs showing, extremely tight capris pants, and whipping around their long hair.

It took everything in my body to prevent me from going out there, slapping those girls and giving them a lesson.

Women are already looked at as sex objects. We don’t have to try – it’s natural. And I’m sorry to admit it, but guys are going to want to take advantage of it. Furthermore, guys are starting to believe that they don’t even need your permission to use you and your body.

In addition, it’s girls like them who send out a bad signal for girls like me. Guys might think, “Oh, well, every girl must want it, so I’m going to go for it.”

Then I have assholes approach me, and say stupid shit about how ‘I’m asking for it’ or they’ll say, “Oh you know you want it.”


No. I do not want it. I’m perfectly fine getting my cup of coffee at Starbucks and leaving. I don’t need the assholes there to ruin it.

Do girls like to hear compliments? Absolutely. But that doesn’t mean we deserve trashy compliments.

Now, I’m not going to go in to detail about this, because it’s not the point of this post.

I wanted to so much go out there, and tell those girls to have respect for their bodies and respect for themselves. If they dress like trash, they’ll get treated like trash. And when that happens, you can’t always play the victim.

Next, I was on the internet reading an article about the sentencing of a man who shot another man in a movie theater for texting.

I thought it was a bit weird, so I read the article.

Here’s what happened: a man went to the movie theater with his daughter or whoever, and a guy near him (I don’t know the seating chart), was texting. The first gentleman (the killer) told the other gentleman (the victim) that he should stop texting through the show.

Well, the conversation escalated to a fight, the ushers came in and removed them from the movie theater.

While out in the lobby, things continued to escalate, and the man ended up pulling out a gun and shooting the other man. Details claim that the victim through a whole bag of popcorn in the guy’s face.

The man is pleading not-guilty and arguing that it was self defense.

Let’s just think about this for a moment.

A man, was shot, because of texting.

Here’s how the story SHOULD HAVE happened:

Gentleman 1: Please stop texting, you’re interrupting the movie for me and others around you.

Gentleman 2: Oh, I’m sorry. I’ll be quick and put it away.

How this scenario didn’t happen is beyond me.

The guy couldn’t have the decency to put away his cell phone, because he was interrupting paying movie-goers.


He just had to argue back. I’m thinking he probably shouted, “Mind your own business. I can do what I want.”

I’m not that old. I’m only about 3 decades old. So, when I say ‘back in my day’, it’s only been 30 years.

But – back in my day – you put your cellphone away! Well, we didn’t have cellphones yet, but when we did – we put them away.

We had consideration for those around us. No one started a fight which ends up in murder due to a pack of cigarettes (another wonderful story).

We just didn’t.

My mom would not let me out of the house if I looked like a stripper.

Now, there are 14 year olds walking around like they’re working the corner.

Yes, I had the ability to do and say what I wanted, but I never took advantage of that towards someone else. I never walked around declaring my rights, and acting like an asshole about it.

And I’m very scared of getting shot or stabbed when I see someone acting in these disrespectful behaviors, and I speak up about it.

I’m not being prudent and stuck-up. I don’t think I’m better than anyone else, but I do know the difference between being a decent human being, and being an asshole corrupting society.

Do you?


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