It’s Not Whispering If You Shout It

A whisper needs no wind to spread its poison. Frank Bennett 28/09/2013

I was in an office setting, where everyone had their cubicles, and it was open so they could see who was sitting in the seats.

I was sitting in one of the seats, waiting for a document to come through so that I may proceed on to my business.

With my body facing my computer, the gentlemen behind me apparently thought I can’t hear them when I face away from them.

“She is a total wreck.”

“I know, the last girl did fine. This girl has all these notes and paperwork… and she still doesn’t get it.”

“Well, she just may be one of those stupid people.”

“I don’t know what they’re going to do with her.”

“I don’t know, but while she’s hear, she’s screwing everything up.”

“Yeah, well, I don’t know anymore.”

I’m assuming this was supposed to be a private conversation between two people. But, I’m not facing them… I’m not deaf.

How do I know they were talking about me? Well, the conversation had a bit more to it and my name (said a thousand times) was sprinkled throughout the conversation.

What I found interesting, is that – they didn’t even care. They didn’t care if I heard or not. Or if they did, and were attempting to whisper the conversation, they failed… miserably.

I know that people have opinions. I know not everyone gets along. I know there are irritating people out there you want to kill.

I feel you.

But as I’ve gotten older, I don’t really see a point in it anymore. Even looking back, I don’t even see a point in doing it in high school.

Okay, so, you have these thoughts and opinions about someone.

Why is it difficult to keep it to yourself?

Just don’t say anything.

Isn’t that a saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say… don’t say it at all.”

Why – at the age of 30+ – do we have to be reminded of this?

There’s really no age limit, but I think there comes a time in your life when you grow the fuck up and stop acting like children.

People are right, you never leave high school.

It’s like this everywhere you go.

Do people piss me off? Yes. Do people drive me crazy? Yes.

You should know this – I vent it out on here.

But I never mention names. I never point someone out – by name – and unleash my thoughts on them. More importantly, it’s not even gossip. I’m not talking about how B slept with A.

I’m working hard on changing my ways and becoming a more decent human being… or at least trying… not always succeeding… but trying.

There was a moment the other day; I was on Facebook. Someone posted a very, unnecessarily cruel post towards someone else. It had about 25 likes (if not more) to it.

I was furious for the rest of the day… and even the days after. What did this person really get out of posting that? Self-satisfaction of hoping he/she hurt someone else?

If the receiver of this message WAS hurt, what does it really mean? Now he/she can boast that she had victory over someone else and made them cry?


That’s what you want?

Also, is this really something you want to show others? Because now, I have no respect at all for the person who did this. Absolutely none. That part of him/her has shown me that I never want to have anything to do with someone that cruel. (S)He is clearly not a nice person to be around.

Those who are ‘whispering’ around me… what do they get out of it? What satisfaction do they feel about saying that?

I really wanted to turn around and ask that very question to the both of them, but…. you know… it’s not worth getting shot over.

I try not to listen to other people’s conversation, but my name was mentioned so clearly my ears will perk up.

There are other things in the world to talk about. Movies, food, cars, books, shoes..etc.

You don’t have to talk about someone else, and degrade them to make  yourself feel better.

The only thing you actually ARE doing… is showing me that you’re no longer worth talking to.

Thanks for the head’s up.





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