The Green Mile (#7)

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This movie made the list, because it was extremely popular (released in 1999), and it was nominated for numerous awards.

I’ve heard that it’s on a lot of ‘Top Lists’ of movies. Everyone that I know who has seen it recommended it to me. So, finally, I decided to watch it. I had it listed on my 26 Before 26 list; however, I never got the chance to complete it. It’s amazing how you can’t find time for a movie. But, I knew it was long and everyone said it was good, so I wanted to really give my full attention to it.

While the movie is long, it’s very enjoyable. There’s never a dull moment through the movie. I think all the actors involved in a phenomenal job, I was instantly swept away by their acting abilities, with the emotion they brought to the characters, and how they told this story.

I will say that towards the end, I was crying like a baby. It was a really powerful moment. I definitely was not expecting the story to be told in the manner that it was. I honestly don’t know what I was expecting, but it was a beautifully told story.

Another reason I am so grateful for this movie is because I was really looking for a good movie to watch. It has been a really long time since a movie like this has been released. I know there might be a few here or there, but overall… there’s not much to choose from. I’ve read some of the nominees from recent Oscar awards, and some of the years were a little rough to handle. There are a few movies out now that look as if they have some solid talent to them.

Anyway, naturally I have become a supporter of this film. If you have not yet seen it, please do. Find the time, you will love it and it is a wonderful, amazing, and heart-wrenching story. So ladies, take off your make-up now.



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