Bird’s Eye View

birds eye viewJohn and I recently went to the Market District to do some shopping. We grabbed something to eat, and when I saw I had the option to sit on a higher deck, I took it.

I am just tickled by higher views. I think that by having this bird’s eye view, I can people watch without ever appearing to be really creepy.

It’s very interesting to see how people shop, which departments they go to, and how they interact with each other.

People are interesting to watch. I know how John and I interact as a couple, but to watch others is mesmerizing. Some couples stay together while they shop. Others immediately separate. Some wander around just window shopping. Others are very involved in what they are shopping for; they touch, smell, and weigh their choices.

Even in public, people forget that there are others around them that might watch them.

Not in a creepy way!! Just watching them as they move. They have to sort of swerve around each other to get to their destinations. People have to know where other people are. Sometimes, you see someone else pick up a piece of fruit, and now, you’re suddenly interested in that fruit as well.

We watch people all the time.

But, with a bird’s eye view, there’s no need to bob and weave; you have the full view. You watch others without them knowing.

Sometimes, there are flow patterns people follow without even realizing it. They sort of just follow the crowd, and go along with things.

While eating, I scanned the area, and even found some delicious gelato to look at after lunch. I might have never seen the delicious ice cream when I’m lost in the mix of the public. Having that bigger perspective allows you to see things you might not have otherwise seen.

Sitting above it all, it was quite peaceful. We were able to have our lunch, and watch the people down below like they are a television show. Each person is their own character with their own challenges. Their minds are worrying about a bunch of other problems of their own.

We finished our meal, and said farewell to our wonderful view. We made our way back down to the district, and then engulfed ourselves in the very bustle we were watching not so long ago.

And without even knowing it, we then became the ones being watched by those who still remained above.


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