blendedI have been to so many places that I’m starting to blend them together. They all seem like one big experience, and the people I talk with give me strange looks when I bring up programs that we aren’t currently using.

I’m on another assignment. We were taken to our ‘training desks’, and I thought, “Wasn’t there hand-sanitizer here? With green lid? I know I saw it.

Keep in mind – this is the first time I sat at this desk.

So, after I sit down and realize I haven’t ever been here before, I try to remember where it was that I saw this hand-sanitizer. In my mind I slowly walk through the offices that I have recently been to and try to place where it was that I saw it.

After remembering where it was and who had it, I felt like I accomplished something. It was like I had the winning answer on a game show. I let out a ‘YES!’ to celebrate, and I have a whole room of people looking at me.

As if they didn’t think me crazy enough for asking about programs that don’t exist to them, I’m now shouting out exclamations of good cheer.

I recoil back to the desk, and try to re-build my reputation as a normal human being the best that I can. But, as they say, ‘You can’t win them all.’

There have also been several times that I’ve mentioned conversations to John thinking it was something we previously talked about. He’s so sincere when he tells me we never had that conversation and my memory is worsening. It’s not that it’s worsening, I remember things, I just can’t remember who it was with and where I was when it took place.

I think that’s good enough, right?

The people I have met previously are slowly melting into each other as well. I’m sure that I see someone at Wal-Mart that I know, but when I get closer, I don’t think it’s them… or maybe it is…. no, wait….. no, it’s not her, Miss J had highlights; this one does not.

Again, when I actually run into Miss J, I’m excited as a squirrel remembering where he placed his nuts.

I actually remember you!

I’m sure the person gets to feel great too. I mean, I’m running at them with excitement and joy that I am happy to see them. Everyone probably wants that kind of greeting in the middle of Shop N’ Save.

Wouldn’t you?

So, I guess this is just a fair warning to those of you out there who know me. If I start talking to you about people, places, and conversations that you know nothing about, just remember, I’m ‘blending’ it all up. Like a great big memory smoothie. And if I happen to randomly tackle you in the middle of public, because I recognized who you are, just look to those watching and say, “It’s her first day out of the padded room.” They’ll understand.


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