Bad Teacher

When people find out that I’m an English major, I usually get the follow up of: “Did you want to be a teacher?”


I always respond with this. I will always respond with this.

Then, I get pressed a little further, “Why?”

As if I have to justify my life choices to this person.

But, I still let them know my reasons.

Think back to your days in high school, and possibly even your gen-ed classes of English.

How well did you like them?

Some of you might say that you hated them, some say that they ‘tolerated’ them, and finally, some say they liked it.

Want to guess how many say they liked it?

As far as I know, there’s probably only about 1 or 2 people who have said yes.

For those who say ‘no’ or that they ‘tolerated’ it, I ask why.

Most people respond with saying they hate it. They hate the subject, it’s too confusing, and extremely boring.

How would you like to be in front of class, after class, after class of people who hated what you were teaching them?

They wouldn’t put forth any effort. They wouldn’t even care to do the homework. The whole class would continue to fail so badly that I would have to grade on a curve that would pretty much look like a circle.

For me, that’s just my reason why I don’t want to be a teacher. Others can agree or disagree.

Then, there are people who are ACTUALLY teachers, and really suck at it.

If they feel as if the material is really plain and boring, they’ll teach it to the class as really plain, and boring.

I wonder why these people hate the classes.

I understand that the material might not be extremely exciting. Yes, there are the boring rules that everyone has to be taught no matter what.

But if you feel that it sucks, you’re going to portray it as sucking, and guess what… your learners are going to pick up on it too.

Some really great people out there have really good potential to be a great teacher.

And yet, they throw it all away.

What a shame.


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