Same Story, Different Version

CaptureWhen I read this, I was absolutely stunned.

For so long, I’ve had this thought, I’ve just never been able to put it into words.

There have been so many times and instances when I thought I saw someone I knew. In reality, it was someone else, but to me, they were the person I knew from somewhere else.

There is someone right now who reminds me of someone else. But in a good way.

I feel like they are still a part of my life even though they might not be with me right this second.

It sort of makes me feel homesick for my last city.

It was small, but there were amazing people there. I miss them so much.

I miss them so much that I swear I see them here… in my new city.

I come in contact with people who remind me of them. It makes me miss them even more.

But, there are also people who remind me of others I don’t really care for anymore. Someone will say something that triggers a memory I had with someone, and take me back to that time. It shows me how much I’ve changed since I knew that person.

I often wonder what they are doing now. Are they still at the same job? Do they think of me too?

I wonder if there is someone out there who is like me, and came into their lives.

Is there a different version of me someone out there to someone else?

Recently, I met someone that I have never met before… in the sense that I don’t know anyone like her.

I haven’t come across a personality that is quite like hers. And I don’t think I will for a long time.

I’m glad I’ve met her though… maybe somewhere down the road, I’ll come across her again… but in someone else instead.

There are all versions of us out there who have met people we will never meet.

But, I hope when they meet that person, they think to themselves, “She reminds me of Jess.”


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