Batting Cages (#5)

Softball CollageNumber five on my list was to go to the batting cages. I haven’t been to these in years. I always wanted to go back, but never really had the chance.

I’m so glad I put this on the list.

It was really fun to go back and to start swinging the bat again. It was just fun!

I played softball over a decade ago, and I had fun doing it. It was fun to be out, playing, competing, and cheering each other on.

Getting the bat back in my hands, and making contact, was a great way to re-live some great memories.

Plus, it’s awesome to watch as the ball soars through the air. It’s fun to see how far it goes. It’s like a nice little competition with yourself.

We were really lucky to have such a great day too! It was nice, warm, and sunny. And, afterwards, we played a nice round of mini-golf.

I had so much fun, and I’m glad John was there to share that experience with me.

Definitely a great time, and I’m so happy I did it!


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