Change Can Be Good

Change is inevitable. Whether we notice it or not, it happens.

Change is often viewed as either good or bad.

A change of your hair color can be fun and great.

A change of furniture in a room can be satisfying.

A change of paint on the walls can transform a room like you wouldn’t believe.

And of course, change can be bad:

A change of a house due to a fire.

A change of life due to a severe injury.

A change due a loss of a loved one.

Either way, things are going to change.

But here’s the thing, some changes you can make yourself to better who you are as a person.

Going to group therapy can be a great way of changing who you are for the better.

The joining of a new class can change many aspects of your life.

It’s okay to make changes to yourself.

Let me repeat that:

It’s okay to make changes to yourself.

If you feel like you are always seeing the negative in things, change yourself to correct it. Instead, list 5 great things that happened that day. Focus more on the positive and you can change yourself.

If you find yourself always feeling angry, then grab a stress ball to squeeze or go to an anger management class.

The hardest part, is admitting you need to change yourself.

Most people think, “Well, this is who I am, if they don’t like it they can just leave.”

Okay, yes, I understand that, I really do.

But have you ever thought of WHY they don’t like you?

Are you selfish? Are you mean? Are you pushy?

I was once told that people are a reflection of ourselves. How they act and respond to you can be a great indicator that you might want to reevaluate yourself.

I’m sure you’ve heard (or even said) phrases such as: “Don’t partner me up with Miss Y, she’s always mean about things.”

If Miss Y was told this, nicely of course, maybe she might reevaluate herself.

Maybe she won’t.

But at least she’s aware of it now. Maybe she won’t go teach a group of kids, because someone told her she’s a really mean person.

You don’t know what changes can happen because of this.

Again, I stress that it’s okay to change yourself… if it’s a good change. Please don’t  become an alcoholic because of this.

Just think about yourself and how things have been going in your life.

John admitted that he hates when I stand in front of the tea section for 15 minutes. “If it’s not there, why do you spend so long looking at it?”

To which I say, “I’m looking for an alternative.”

He admitted something to me that states, okay, maybe I should just realize that if it’s not there, and I can’t find an alternative, there’s no point in  looking at every box of tea hoping that something changes.

Telling him to go suck it wouldn’t really help the situation.

But he’s right. If I can’t find it there, and I can’t find something similar, just move on.

Men are efficient shoppers… women are not.

After this, I think, maybe it’s good that he told me this. It definitely helps me save money. Otherwise, I might have bought tea that I necessarily didn’t want, but wanted to get only because it’s been 15 minutes.

I now have one less useless object in my apartment.

I can keep that in mind when I try to go to other places and search for a shampoo that I want but can’t find. No sense in buying shampoo unless I feel that it really IS a good alternative.

I know it’s hard to hear bad things about you… especially when it comes to loved ones telling you about it.

Instead, just think of it as revisions to a rough draft. We all know we’re not perfect, but if there’s something we can do to make ourselves a little better…. why not at least think about it?



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