Don’t Listen to Me

Where I work,  we are all divided into cubicles. Maybe you’re familiar with this setting.

Anyway, while we have high walls – I can’t see my supervisor unless I stand up and move to the end of my cubicle – we also have high voices.

When I’m on the phone with a customer, which is 98% of the time, I have to communicate to them why I’m calling, who I am, etc.

Some people, in case you didn’t know, are really hard of hearing.

Furthermore, I can’t exactly be whispering into the phone.

So when I’m talking to these people, I know those around me can hear me. And I’m pretty sure they can hear me clear as a bell, because that’s how I have to sound to my customers.

While I’m usually saying the same lines, “Thank you for calling, my name is Jessica, how may I help you” it feels weird to have people all around me listening in to my conversation.

If you think they aren’t, because they’re too busy with their work – your wrong. They listen.

Sometimes, after a phone call, someone will come over and discuss something I said in the conversation.

Now, I’m not talking about anything personal, so I don’t know why I’m embarrassed.

I think it’s because I might say something wrong to the customer. Like, “oh yeah, clear your report – start with a clean slate – you got it buddy!” And have probably everyone around me jump up to correct me.

Most of the time, I don’t know the answer, because I’m not allowed to due to privacy. When I explain this, people are sometimes confused, but are willing to accept the answer. In all honesty, that’s what it is. Sometimes, people just like hearing different answers.

I know I have the wonderful option of putting the person on hold to ask – but like I said – I don’t have that privilege to know the answer and neither do my coworkers.

In addition, I like to relate to the people I’m talking with. Most often, they are from another state, so I’ll always ask how the weather is out there way. If they say it’s crazy hot and whatnot, I’m usually right there agreeing with them.

That also means that if a person states to me that student loans suck, I’m going to let them know just how much they suck.

While I’m sure I’m not allowed to share my honest opinions with people, it’s still something I believe. To sit there and say, “Yeah, okay, moving on…” just sounds like a really shitty thing to do.

I know people should be minding their own business before snooping in on mine, but people are naturally curious. Now with reality-tv taking over, everyone wants to know about everyone else’s life.

But while people might be listening to me, I’m focusing on my work, because right now, it’s the best distraction I have.

And if you ever find yourself around me in any pubic way — please don’t listen to me, thanks.


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