Let’s Get Dirty!

Dirty Girl CollageSo, my best friend, Chica, and I decided to do another 5K run like we did last year for Foam Fest.

We had a great time with Foam Fest, and we thought we would do ‘Dirty Girl’ this year.

It’s a way to recognize and support Breast Cancer Awareness & Ovarian Cancer Awareness.

It was for girls only, and it was definitely great to be there just to support cancer awareness and early detection precautions.

The course itself… was exhausting!

I didn’t have a big enough breakfast (my fault), and so I didn’t have the energy to really start off strong. My blood sugar started to drop, and my vision was getting blurry. My stomach was telling me that this is the time to stop.

But, I only took a break, and continued on. I didn’t do some of the obstacles, but I’m okay with that. I’m pretty sure that if I was in mid-obstacle, and my sugar gave out even more as I’m trying to get through it… that would probably be my last race…ever.

As we continued on, Chica was having problems too. She wasn’t able to carry her inhaler with her (since it’s an obstacle course), and began to have trouble breathing.

At the age of 27, we were completing this course like we were 90… or at least that’s how it felt.

I don’t think I’m in as good of shape as I was in my younger years. And, since I’ve moved back home, exercise hasn’t really been on my priority lately. Job hunting is.

Dirty Girl was a great experience, and I liked it despite the minor health issues.

In all honesty, the reason why I love doing these so much is because I get to spend the morning with my best friend.

We don’t really ‘run’ the 5K – obviously – but, we walk outside, do some obstacles, talk, and just basically spend time together.

It’s kind of like meeting up for coffee… but instead… it’s kind of like exercising together.

And most importantly, we stick together. If I fell behind, Chica was there. If she was having trouble, I was right there with her. We made our way through mud, dirt, and muddy waters – together.

We don’t judge or complain about it. We stick together and we make it work.

It’s just what we do.

So, if you’re looking for a great way to bond with your friends… I would suggest this.

You’re not alone in these obstacles; you have your friend with you.

Whether it’s obstacles in a Dirty Girl race, or obstacles in life… you stick together.


And after it all, taking a shower has never felt better in your life than it does after one of these races.


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