Work BFF’s

Do you have a work BFF?

I don’t.

I don’t think I want one.

I have people that I talk to at work, but I don’t consider them my bff’s.

There are people that I work with that not only spend the work day together, but also go out afterwards for food, drinks, movies, etc.

I always stop and think, “Why?”

I see enough of that person at work, I don’t want to see them more than I have to.

I think it’s because I associate them WITH work. Not as people who just happen to work at the same place as me.

When I see them I think, “Oh my God, I’m at work.”

These people get me through it though. We’ll talk about shitty customers or something weird that happened. But, other than that… nope. No talking, no hanging out. Nothing.

I see some people visit each other’s cubicles and talk about the strange texts they got from a guy, or friend, or a weird one their friend sent.

They’ll have whole conversations about their lives.

For me, I don’t really care too much about their life, I kinda just want some entertainment to get me through the day. Even if I was alone at lunch, I would bring a book to keep me company. I have no problem with eating lunch alone at work.

It’s freaking work!

What is really odd for me to believe, is that when I was in school, I would see my friends at lunch or in class, and then hang out with them after school.

On the weekends, we would go to the movies, out for ice cream, out shopping, etc.

My mom would always ask me what there was to talk about after seeing them all day. At the time, it seemed like there was a lot to talk about.

Looking back though, I don’t really remember any conversations. I just knew that talking needed to happen.

Now, since everyone has grown up and have lives of their own, I don’t talk to them as much. Which is odd, because I see them less – so you would think I would have a lot to say.

But really, I don’t.

I go to work, sleep, go to work, sleep, go to work, sleep, etc.

That’s pretty much how my Monday through Friday goes. Come Saturday & Sunday, I can tell  you that I definitely sleep in. I know for sure that I have to wash the towels.  Everything else is tentatively scheduled.

So really, I’m only living life on the weekends.

And in the two days I have to re-cooperate from the exhaustion of work, it’s back to Monday again.

This begins the stretch of time that I see the work people again.

I don’t think adults have bff’s anymore. I think we just have really good friends. We’ve learned to live on our own. We don’t need to talk to each other every day. We get together every now and then for a little time together, and then we’re okay.

As for a work BFF, I don’t think I really need one of them. My job is still too new for me to really go into auto-pilot enough to have conversations with others.

Plus, with the life that I live as a temp, I might not be around long enough to ever really make a friend.



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