The Circus that Made Me Cry

circusCircuses are supposed to be fun.

I’ve always had fun at them previously… not that I’ve been to many.

I blame it all on my youth. My naivete.

I never really saw circuses for what they are.

John and I had come across some free tickets to the circus.

Both of my parents were working, and couldn’t make it to the show. So, we were to benefit.

I think the picture above is the only happy picture we have at the performance.

It started out as something fun.

Oh! Look! Camels!

Oohh… elephants!

The lights went out, and the show began.

There were clowns, dancers, and girls with hula-hoops.

All kinda great things…. they weren’t too impressive actually.

Things started to get worse when they brought out the tigers.

John noticed that in the train of cages coming out, the very last tiger looked hella pissed.

The tiger was pacing through the cage, back and forth.

Looking at it myself, I could see the animal wasn’t too happy with what was going on.

Then, the tigers came out into the rink.

The angry tiger took its place on the stool provided, and sat and growled the entire time. It was clearly cranky and was growling non-stop.

What kinda pissed me off was when they pulled out the ring of fire and had the cats jump through them.

For me, this just seemed wrong.

I know, I know, out of everything – THIS – was wrong!

But tigers aren’t supposed to be jumping through hoops. It just felt wrong.

For once in my life, I wanted to be the girl that set the tigers free.

I understand how humans (at the top of the food chain) want to feel as if we can control everything. Even the deadliest of animals.

But some things just aren’t right.

This was one of them.

These poor cats should just be left alone in their natural environment. There’s no need for this sort of treatment.

PETA would be pissed!

Once that whole act was over, out came the bears.

This was when I really lost it.

These bears were forced to walk on their two back paws, had skirts on them, chains around their necks, and ball-gags in their mouths.

I started crying.

Here I am, almost 30 and was bawling my eyes out over this act!

Bears are not humans. You are not supposed to dress them up and make them walk on their hind paws!

Furthermore, how would YOU feel if I put a ball-gag in your mouth, a chain around your neck, and made you do stupid shit like ride around on a bike while others laughed and clapped?

I felt absolutely horrible.

I was just sitting there, crying! John wasn’t looking too happy either.

Plus, I’m sure that the fact that I was there crying didn’t help anything either. John offered to just get up and leave, and I didn’t want to because I felt so foolish for crying in the first place.

Fortunately, intermission came, and we just left.

I didn’t feel bad about leaving at all. Plus, we saw a bunch of others leaving as well. I don’t know their reasons for leaving, but it made me feel better that for whatever reason it was, it was powerful enough to make them walk out.

It’s pretty safe to say, that I will never go to another circus again. Ever. Not for any reason, at all.

I know I might be a little slow getting on the train of realization here… but now that I’m on it, I’m on it for the whole ride!


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