King of Anything

kingI’ve been working with the public for a decade now, so a lot of this is coming from direct experience.

For those of you who haven’t, or for those of you who have – you’re going to get your fair warning of what it’s like to deal with the public.

I will never, never, never understand why the customers think they can get everything in the store for free.

Do they know how businesses work?

Apparently not, because when something goes wrong (their fault or not), they’re always asking for the key to the kingdom.

I’ve known customers to walk out of a store with $2,000 worth of coupons & products, because there was a rain storm and the ceiling leaked while they were in the building.

No one else in the ENTIRE store complained except for this one guy, and I was forced to take the next 3 days off because they had to dip into the payroll to pay for his shit.

Now, some might say that was bad management, but that’s not the point. This asshole thought he could get everything… and then HE DID!

Who does this person think they are?

Just because you have a bad day doesn’t mean you can walk out with a million dollars worth of shit.

Here’s what I loved the most: When I go to scan an item, and it doesn’t register, I hear, “Oh, well, it must be free!”

My response was always, “No sir, this has been recalled, I can’t sell it to you.”

And then they get pissed, because they can’t get what they want when they want it.

“I want to talk to your supervisor!”

Those words – which were supposed to strike fear into me – mainly just caused me to roll my eyes, and call the supervisor.

The supervisor would come over – say THE EXACT SAME THING AS I DID – but the customer now believes it.

What the customer doesn’t know is that this ‘supervisor’ just came from the break room, where he was munching on Doritos and watching whatever game was on the TV.

Yup, some ‘power’ they have. When the associate beneath you knows the same shit you do, but gets paid less for it… you know something is wrong.

Nevertheless, the customer still tries to walk away with something. If the supervisor said, “Sure! Have it for free!” the customer would have looked at me with that smug look they give.

Sometimes, the customer does win and they get what they want. They look at me like I don’t know what I’m talking about. But, I do. The supervisor just doesn’t want to deal with your shit – so they give in.

Does it mean you deserve it? Nope!

When did this happen? When did people begin to feel like they were entitled to anything they wanted and get it FOR FREE?

I’m not even that old, and yet I know that NOTHING IN THIS LIFE IS FREE.

Why I have to keep explaining this to GROWN ASS ADULTS will always confuse me.



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