What Everyone Wants to Know

I’m reading a book that is on my birthday list, and as I’m about half way through it, I think, “I wonder how this ends.”

And then I began to think, that’s the one thing everyone wants to know.

“How does the book end?”

“How does the movie end?”

It’s the most criticized part of everything.

“I hate how it ended.”

“The ending sort of left you hanging.”

No one really wants to know how things all began, they want to know how it ends.

You would think people would be interested in the beginning. Do you want to know why?

Because if I gave you a blank piece of paper and said, “Write about anything.”

The first thing you would think is, “How do I begin? Where do I begin?”

The beginning is just as important as the ending… if not more important.

The beginning of a book has to hook the reader enough to want to keep reading.

Same goes for a movie. There was a movie on HBO the other day, I’m not going to say what it was, but I watched the first 15 minutes of it – and then shut it off because it was completely ridiculous.

I couldn’t even stand the first 15 minutes of it!

The story was horrible, the acting was even worse…. no. Not going to do it.

But at the same rate, there was another movie that was on, and I was instantly hooked. I wanted to sit through it to see what happened.

It was quite sad though that such a great beginning had a really terrible ending.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a ton of movies out there that are amazing the whole way through. But I often find myself why (or how) it was chosen.

Why start the story here? Why have it end that way? What is being said about the story because of these two major points.

I know most people aren’t crazy like me and wonder about this sort of stuff.

But the next time you watch a movie or read a book, take into consideration that this was specifically chosen. If anything the beginning and end are the most important part of the book.

Yes, the middle has a great adventure, a wonderful story, and a fantastic revelation of sorts. And you have to wonder, how did that all begin? Can you remember the beginning of books? Of movies?

Do you remember the endings more? Why?

Why is it more important to you to know how it ends rather than how it all begins?

It’s important to remember the beginning, because it marks the start – and the ending marks how far you have gone. It shows you the distance you have come.

But you can’t know how far you’ve gone, without first knowing how it all began.


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