Hair Don’t

hair don'tThis is how you find out if you have friends at work.

I walked around this way for God only knows how long.

I didn’t find this out until I saw my reflection in the bathroom mirror.

Determined, I walked back out, came back to my cubicle, and took this picture.

Just to prove that people don’t tell you when you look like a madman!

Sure, I spend my whole day talking to crazies who want to buy a house, so yes – my hair gets a little disoriented throughout the day.

But still! No one could have just said, “You look like you need to go to the bathroom and get your shit together.”

It might sound harsh at first, but I would have figured out they were doing me a favor.

And I wanted to post this here, because any time you feel like you’ve been embarrassed, or just did something stupid.

You can look at this and know you’re ¬†not alone.

You got a friend in me!


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