Career vs. Job

I’ve learned in my life that if you want to accomplish something… set a deadline.

Give yourself a deadline to complete whatever it is you want to do.

For example, I have my birthday lists. I have one full year to complete everything I’ve listed for myself…and hopefully more.

But when it comes to finding a career, how do I put a deadline on that?

I’m at the job I am now, and I’m still applying to other places. Then, I thought, I can’t even set a deadline for this.

When I walked outside today, it was a very cool temperature for this month. I think it was 68 degrees… it’s July people.

And I thought, “I want to be somewhere else before snow comes.”

As I was walking to my car, I began to wonder that there’s no real way for me to do that.

Say snowfall comes and I’m still at this same job, then what?

What next?

I’m just going to keep looking whether it is snowing or not.

I start looking at the jobs that are posted, and I realize that there’s no real ‘career’ out there for me. Sure, I can write a book, but unless I’m going to be a Stephen King, I’m not going to make good money from it, I’m still going to have to have a job.

I’m basically looking for some sort of assistant, marketing position, or whatever other ‘keyword’ they choose to put in the box.

I don’t have enough experience to have the job I want. Every time I look for it, they’re requesting a minimum of 5 years of experience. I don’t even have 5 months experience!

I’m still stuck in that perpetual cycle of ‘how do you get experience without having experience?’

I’m almost 30 and haven’t really had a job that I want to spend the rest of my life doing. I’m always stuck in the job that sucks and barely pays enough for me to even afford food that ISN’T generic.

How am I supposed to set a deadline for that? I know people who are older than me who are still doing the same high school jobs as well.

There a few people out there who spend their life doing something they love. I think those are the ones that continue to give me hope that some day I’ll find something I love to do.

I’ll probably spend my whole life searching for it, but maybe some day I’ll find that one position that means more to me than just being a job.


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